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Sarah Elizabeth Nicholls

From Josh Thompson:

This is a repost of my post to a conversation about losing one of our friends recently to a tragic flash flood while camping that had deep connections in the Psy Community Sarah Elizabeth Nicholls. I just wanted to share it while it was fresh in my head.

"It's very apparent to me that Psytrance has cast a VERY large web across the world ensnaring a VERY unique group of people that love to Dance the Psytrance Dance. We all love what most people would consider the most unlistenable and abrasive forms of dance music on the planet ( hardstyle and gabber aside;p). At Sacred Earth this year we should all strive to reconnect with each other and give value to those connections so they will last a lifetime. I have always found refuge in the Psytrance Culture of the Midwest and know that I can travel abroad around the world and have family EVERYWHERE I go. It is amazing and we should cherish these delicate connections we have with each other. Tell those people you haven't talked to in a while you love them."

Sarah left her three children behind and we ask that you please consider making a donation to them. Anything will help.

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